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Xia’s meditation can be practiced either indoor or outdoor as long as it is not windy. At the locations of practicing, the air should be fresh, the temperature should be pleasant, the environment should be quiet. If needed, the door should be locked during practice. It is strictly forbidden to practice in the draught (the pathway the wind takes).

When the weather allows and it is breezeless, we recommend leaving the windows open when practicing or practicing outdoor. Never practice in a windy indoor environment, or the draught, or a windy outdoor environment.

The reason we have some concerns about the wind is that it is easy to get attacked by pathogenic wind since all of the pores are open when you are practicing. But it doesn’t mean that the result of practice is “being afraid of the wind”. On the contrary, practice will enhance immunity, including the immunity against the pathogenic wind.

When it is cold and the windows cannot be open for a long time, we recommend opening a window for several minutes. This will make the air fresher when you practice.

In principle, we don’t recommend turning the air conditioner on when practicing. But when the indoor temperature is higher than 30 Celsius degree and you are sweating a lot, it is fine to turn the air conditioner on when practicing to avoid body fluid impairment. If the air conditioner is on, you need to make sure the cold air from the vent not to blow you directly. The air conditioner temperature should not be too low or too high – 27 to 28 Celsius degree is recommended and it should be set to “mild”.

Ideally, computers, TV, cell phones should be powered off when practicing. If it is impossible to do so, they must be put into sleep or muted and put at least three meters away from where you practice.

We recommend the practitioners do more outdoor activities and exercises for more fresh air and more sunlight.

Xia’s Meditation‘s Requirements For The Locations Of Practicing

Disclaimer: This article serves as a regimen reference only and is not a medical guide. If you have diseases, please see doctors or visit medical institutes.
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