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Once I was an IT professional. I still use the computer a lot right now (8-10 hours daily). Since my right wrist became painful when I was going through “Qi’s strike on focuses (lesions)“, I have studied the wrist pain caused by overusing mouse and would like to share with you.

In my experience,  the pain caused by mouse over-use is located in the black-circled area as shown in the following image:

Image 1

In this area, 2 points are the most painful: one is Yang Xi Point on Yangming Large Intestine Channel of Hand, another is Lie Que Point on Taiyin Lung Meridian of Hand. The details are explained as follows:

1. Yang Xi Point

Yang Xi Point’s five-element character is fire. It is important for supplementing and boosting the Yang Qi on Yangming Large Intestine Channel of Hand. When the Qi is seriously stagnated at Yang Xi Point, it has a serious impact on the whole Yangming Channel. When Qi’s stagnation happens seriously at Yang Xi Point, it usually indicates that some other points on Yangming Channel also may have problems. In the first several months of meditation, I not only could feel the Qi’s repairing at Yang Xi Point but also feel the repairing at the other points, especially Jian Yu PointJu Gu (great bone) Point, and Fu Tu Point.

Image 2 – Jian Yu Point
Image 3 – Ju Gu Point
Image 4 – Fu Tu Point

If the above-mentioned several points have problems, it can directly cause shoulder and neck problem. So, the problems on Yangming Channel at least are a contributor to the shoulder and neck problem. Under certain circumstances, it could be the primary cause of shoulder and neck problem.

The problems of these several points could also cause problems on the channel where themselves are located – Yangming Channel, e.g., constipation. As mentioned above “Yang Xi Point five-element character is fire. It is important for supplementing and boosting the Yang Qi on Yangming Large Intestine Channel of Hand”, the Yang Qi deficiency on Yangming Channel cause gastrointestinal motility deficiency. Thus it could cause constipation.

2. Lie Que Point

Lie Que Point is the Luo-connecting point of Taiyin Lung Meridian of Hand. It is also an eight confluenence point (connecting to Ren meridian). The function of Lie Que Point is resolving exterior, opening the inhibited lung-energy, clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, and promoting Ren meridian.

The problems of Lie Que Point can impact the functions of the lungs.

3. How to self prevent and self heal this pain

  • Balancing the use of the mouse between the left hand and the right hand. Generally, people are used to using only one hand to operate the mouse, either the left hand or the right hand.  You can switch the mouse button In Windows operating system by configuring the accessibility setting but it is a little troublesome if you need to do it often. I found a good freeware on the Internet: wapMouseButtons. After installation, you can hit Ctrl + F12 anytime to switch the button. The schedule I balance my mouse use is: using the left hand on Mon/Wed/Fri while using the right hand on Tue/Thur/Sat. In this way, I give each hand some time to rest and recover. It helps to some degree.
  • Using one hand to press and knead Yang Xi Point and Lie Que Point (self-massage).
  • Rubbing the hands together until the palms become a little warm, then using one palm to rub the painful area (as shown in image 1) of another wrist.
  • Practicing meditation. This is the best way to heal injured meridians. During practice, you can clearly feel Qi’s repairing the problems along the injured meridians.

This is my personal opinion on this topic. Your comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: This article serves as a regimen reference only and is not a medical guide. If you have diseases, please see doctors or visit medical institutes.
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