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You can fix a lot of problems by using money. If you can fix a problem by using money, this thing must be something easy. If you cannot fix a problem by using money, then this thing must be trouble. Once I just got such big trouble.

I had miserable experience when dealing with prostatitis: taking an examination first and seeing a Western medicine doctor first, then seeing Chinese medicine doctors. Eventually, I stopped seeing either Western medicine doctors or Chinese Medicine doctors. I needed to get up in the night to urinate for 3 times each night. Thus I could not sleep well. In the day time, I always have micturition desire. Also, I often have the symptoms of gonorrhea, ardor urinae, lower abdominal heaviness and distension, perineum heaviness and distension. In the worst time, I needed to go to washroom 5 times an hour. I was overwhelmed by this pain.

Before, I did not believe that I could heal the problem through meditation, Zhan Zhuang (stake-standing). I thought that it is impossible a disease which cannot be fixed by the hospitals can be healed by simply sitting or standing there. It is just pie in the sky. But the pain left me with no choice but giving it a try.

Someone introduced master Liu Qinbo to me. He was quite young yet very experienced. He first asked me some questions. Then he pointed out that my body was weak and insufficient of primordial Qi. He told me that I need a systematic way to fix my problem. The way he taught me is a combination of Zhan Zhuang, meditation and Huichun dynamic exercise.

The master let me spend most of the time in Zhan Zhuang and meditation. He wants to practice Huichun dynamic exercise only for 30 minutes every morning. In these 3 exercises, Zhan Zhuang is the most tiring and strength of it can make me in a sweat. But this pain is nothing compared to the pain of prostatitis. Meditation is the most relaxing and my favorite. Following the master’s teaching, I felt warm in my whole body. I especially felt it was warm at my lower abdomen and around the kidneys.

The time passed really fast. I had learned with the master for a month without noticing it. The master guided my Zhan Zhuang and meditation every day. I could not believe that gonorrhea, ardor urinae, and frequency of micturition was under control in a month. Lower abdominal and perineum distension was gone. Once I experienced a miracle. That time when I practiced Zhan Zhuang by following master’s adjustment instructions for about 20 minutes, all of sudden my lower abdomen began to make borborygmi and then expelled gas for more than 20 times. Then my lower abdominal and perineum distension was healed. The nocturia problem was fixed in the 10th day of practice. I had not slept so well for 3 years.

Before I left, the master told me that I still need to practice hard daily to recover totally although I made good progress in a month. It is not easy to recover health. You will never achieve anything without hard work. I need to remind me of the miserable experience before. I should cherish what I have learned. Only when you are healthy, then you can enjoy your life. I was so encouraged by the mater’s words. In this month, I tasted the sweetness of practice and got the confidence to recover my health. I have decided to recover my health and practice it for all my life!

Dec 5, 2017

Sun Hui, Hang Zhou Student


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