6-month WeChat (or forum) Support (e-book included)



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1. You can download the learning material e-book from “My Account“.

2. We offer support through WeChat. If a student request so, we can support him through the forum instead.

3. We strongly suggest that you offer 2 practice videos (a front view and a side view) to us in the first and second week of the learning so we can help you fix your errors if there are any (see your order email for detailed instructions).

4. We recommend that you write a practicing dairy at “Practice Diary” forum.

5. If Xia’s Meditation works for you, please take a minute to write a testimonial at “Write A Testimonial” forum so more people can share your joy and get courage from you!


Table Of Contents:

  • Practice essentials
  • Summary of essentials
  • Important essentials and quick self-inspection
  • Self-inspection during practicing
  • What if the meditation is interrupted?
  • Spontaneous actions
  • Reactions of practice
  • Qi’s strike on focuses (lesions)
  • Requirements for the locations of practicing
  • Requirements for emotions
  • Requirements for foods
  • Sex requirements
  • Duration of practice
  • Other requirements
  • Special requirements
  • Special reminder
  • Disclaimer