6-month Forum Support (learning material included)



1. You can download the learning material e-book from “My Account“.

2. Whenever you have questions, please go to the “Ask Questions” forum for help (visible after login). Your questions posted on the forum will be answered in 24 hours (Monday to Saturday).

3. Create a topic with the title “xxx’s support ticket” when seeking for forum support the first time. Then use this topic for all your future support request. In this way, we have a better understanding of your practice history to better help you.

4. We recommend that you write a practice dairy at “Practice Diary” forum to help us to understand your situation and help you better. When you start your dairy, we recommend that you input the following information in the first topic of your dairy: gender, age, country and state of residence, disease name and seriousness (if you have diseases), the length of your diseases (if you have diseases). The more accurate the information you offer, the better we can help you.

5. If a student writes a dairy, we may offer support and comments in the dairy.

6. If Xia’s Meditation works for you, please take a minute to write a testimonial at “Write A Testimonial” forum so more people can share your joy and get courage from you! Thanks in advance!

Table Of Contents:

  • Practice essentials
  • Summary of essentials
  • Important essentials and quick self-inspection
  • Self-inspection during practicing
  • What if the meditation is interrupted?
  • Spontaneous actions
  • Reactions of practice
  • Qi’s strike on focuses (lesions)
  • Requirements for the locations of practicing
  • Requirements for emotions
  • Requirements for foods
  • Sex requirements
  • Duration of practice
  • Other requirements
  • Special requirements
  • Special reminder
  • Disclaimer