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If a practitioner has diseases (or hidden diseases), he/she may experience “Qi’s strike on focuses” more or less. Qi’s strike on focuses is from Qi’s fight with the health problems. A general rule of thumb is that the strike would be more painful if the health problems are more serious, or the history of the health problems is longer, or the practitioner practices harder. The strike is something unavoidable when practicing Xia’s meditation (or any other kind of Qigong). Some people give up because they cannot take the pain of Qi’s strike on focuses. It is such a pity and every practitioner should be well prepared psychologically.

The practitioners who are heavily sick or suffer chronic diseases may feel that their diseases become worse after starting to practice. The reason for this could be weather, overfatigue, emotional mood, food, the enhancement of pathogenic factors, or not following the essentials properly when practicing, etc. Of course, it could also be the Qi’s strike on the focuses.

If this happens to you, you will need to make a judgment regarding how to proceed. There are rulers for you to make a judgment: one is the ruler of practice (i.e. whether meditation practice is OK) while another one is the ruler of feeling (i.e. whether you feel your health is improved by meditation).

  1. Ruler of practice. There are several standards you need to consider for this ruler:
    1. More saliva is generated during practice
    2. You can enter into a meditation state properly during practice
    3. Your sleep is improved after practice
    4. You feel that you are more bestirred, more optimistic, calmer, more patient, and better on self-controlling after practice

Generally, if you have all the above good signs, then the practice itself has no problem. You can just continue.

But when Qi’s striking on the focuses, the above standards could be impacted more or less.

If you feel that you don’t have all the above good signs during practice, you should stop practicing and check the essentials one by one. When necessary, seek help from your tutor (if you don’t have one, you can purchase forum support at our website https://xiapeter.com/en).

Please note if you cannot continue practicing because of dysphoria, you must stop. Then check the essentials one by one. When necessary, seek help from your tutor. Dysphoria in practice is usually caused by mispractice. When you mispractice, your body sends you a friendly alert.

When you feel that your diseases become worse or you feel dysphoria when practicing, you should also check your food apart from the reasons listed above (see below for “food requirements” section).

  1. Ruler of feeling

Sometimes, two rulers don’t match each other. The ruler of feeling can be distorted by “Qi’s strike on focuses”. For example, your practice is OK and there are no obvious reasons to make your diseases/health worse, but Qi’s strike still can make you feel like that your diseases/health is getting worse. In this situation, you still can practice well and can enter into a meditative state properly.

Between the two rulers, the ruler of practice is more objective and has a better reference value. When estimating if the practice is on the right track, the ruler of practice if more effective and accurate.

Please note: if you have diseases and feel it is getting worse after starting practicing, feel free to see doctors to make sure that your health is OK.

Qi’s strike on focuses (lesions)

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Disclaimer: This article serves as a regimen reference only and is not a medical guide. If you have diseases, please see doctors or visit medical institutes.
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