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台湾李丰医师 --静坐+调整饮食治愈淋巴癌2

30 years ago,

when physician Feng Li studied in an institute in Toronto,

she was diagnosed as having cancer.

Because of this disease,

she lost her job and her husband‘s love.

Her value was almost totally denied. She even thought of committing suicide.

She went though surgeon. After that, her condition had been on and off.

Sometime later, she was diagnosed as having toxic hepatitis because she had used antituberculosis drugs.

All these experiences she had abroad made her rebel the medical instructions when she came back to Taiwan and decided to stop taking medicine.

She did not sleep too much and practiced meditation a lot.

A month later, she took a radiographic examination of the chest – the examination shew that her tuberculosis disappeared!

Another change she made was diet adjustment by giving priority to “five grains” and vegetable.

She kept the balance in diet, did not eat additives, did not eat spoiled food and meat.

She ate a lot of vegetable and fruits.

Eventually, she successfully walked out of difficult times and started to live the happiest life!

台湾李丰医师 --静坐+调整饮食治愈淋巴癌

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The purpose of reprinting this article is only to share information regarding the effect of mediation. Our reprinting doesn’t mean that we agree on the technical opinions and religious opinions of the original articles. Please judge the truthness of the contents for yourself.
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