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I took an examination organized by our company in May this year. The examination shew that my HBsAg was negative. Several days ago, I took a complete examination on Second liver 5 indexes. It was a very happy result: HBsAg was indeed negative and the antigens were negative, too. I also had HBeAb and HBcAb in my body. Per the doctor, the virus had been gone and what left was only the mark of antibodies. I brought the news to my family member when I got home. They were very happy and surprised.

I cannot help lamenting when I look back. I am from Hunan. My father passed away when I was in grade ten. My mom was worried and let me make an examination. The examination result shew that I was a hepatitis B virus carrier. This happened in the year 1995. After taking medicine for a period of time, the liver function became normal but I still was and had been a hepatitis B virus carrier. Later on, I went into the university, then pursued a master and doctor degree. After this, I became an overseas post-doctorate. After coming back to China, I worked in a university located in the east of China, until I was promoted to a professor. I give this information not for boasting myself but for letting you know my background……


The very heavy load of teaching and search load in the university exhausted my energy. Social dinners were also damaging my health. I worked hard and played hard, worked until midnight and played until midnight. I had puffiness and weak energy. I was so weak that I could be short of breath when I walked to the 5th floor. To make it worse,  I got prostatitis and it could not be healed after repetitive treatment. The doctor said specifically that the only way of dealing with a middle-aged man’s prostatitis is taking medicine for a lifetime. Meanwhile, I had light to medium benign prostatic hyperplasia. As to my liver, the ultrasound examination shew that although my liver function was normal, I was still a carrier and my liver had a tendency of fibering.

The doctor said this problem could not be healed and I will need to take medicine forever. I was so disappointed and stopped taking any medicine. I thought that since I will die whatever I do, why not use my own body for a test. I went to the library and started to study regimen. For a guy who studied in natural science, it is not easy to get into the traditional regimen. But I had no choice. I found a booked called “Yin Shi Zi Meditation” and started to practice. Of course, I experienced severe leg pain when practicing this.

I started to learn the basics of Taoism and TCM. At first, I read Nan Huai Jin’s book. I was especially interested in several of his books, e.g., “Meditation And Immortality” and “The General Guide Of The Surangama Sutra“. I gradually started to change my narrow scientific view of point. It turns out that the science itself doesn’t have any ultimate conclusions at all and the science is keeping overturning the previous conclusions, i.e., so-called scientific laws. I also understood that according to traditional Chinese culture, human life has unlimited life functions and liver disease or prostatitis is really nothing.

Then I started to practice meditation seriously under the guidance of Nan Huai Jin’s books. I practiced almost every day. At the beginning of this year, instructed by a Taoism master, I started to Zhan Zhuang. I practiced Zhan Zhuang almost every day. After 3 years of meditation and Zhan Zhuang practice, the effect is significant. The examination shew that my prostate was totally normal.  The ultrasound examination shew that my liver was back to normal as well. The most amazing thing is that I defeated the Hepatitis B virus which had been haunting me for 25 years.

Chinese traditional culture has helped me a lot. I want to share my experience with my sick friends. My experience in liver disease is as follows:
1) Every medicine has its side-effect. Don’t take long-term medication unless it is under a very wise doctor. Otherwise, it will only cause waste and hurt, not anything good.
2) The traditional Taoism, Buddhism, and TCM have a lot of treasures. Compared to them, the disease is nothing.
3) You should have a sincere heart for everything. You will need perseverance in practice.
4) If you want to heal yourself through traditional methods, you can start with the original texts in Sinology. Nan Huai Jin’s books are wonderful. But he stressed meditation. My experience tells me that Zhan Zhuang is better than meditation unless you have a very good natural capacity.
5) Don’t be superstitious. You should get rid of all superstitions. Meditation and Zhan Zhuang are science. If you can find a real master, don’t miss him! Please note a good master is not necessarily a famous one. Sometimes a famous master’s teaching can be harmful.

Since I am busy, I wrote down the above information in a hurry at lunchtime. If there is anything incorrect, please forgive me.

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I Healed Long Standing Hepatitis B And Prostatitis Through Meditation And Zhan Zhuang

Disclaimer: This article serves as a regimen reference only and is not a medical guide. If you have diseases, please see doctors or visit medical institutes.
The purpose of reprinting this article is only to share information regarding the effect of mediation. Our reprinting doesn’t mean that we agree on the technical opinions and religious opinions of the original articles. Please judge the truthness of the contents for yourself.
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