• What Are The Advantages Of Xia’s Meditation?

    The advantages of Xia’s Meditation are as follows:

    1. Safety. It doesn’t need a practitioner to manipulate Qi, hence it reduces the possibility of mistakes. The design of Xia’s Meditation not only lets the practitioners know what the requirements are but also lets them know the simple way of doing them.  
    2. Fast and with a significant regimen effect. The founder Peter Xia used about 4 months to fix his neck pain and depression of 14 years history (Peter’s testimonial). Before this, he had seen around 10 TCM doctors, physiotherapist and chiropractors. None of them could fix the problem.
    3. The design is advanced and based on high-level theory. The intention we design this meditation method is not manipulating Qi. Instead, our principle is returning the human body to Qi and a practitioner should only focused on creating the optimal conditions for Qi ‘s circulation. Only when the optimal conditions are in place, Qi can release its super regimen power. 
    4. We advocate scientific Qigong and are against apotheosizing or demonizing it. Qigong is nothing but a way of exercise, just like running for exercise – only based on different mechanism: running for exercise is regimen at blood level, while Qigong is regimen at Qi level; running is the body action boosting blood movement, while Qigong is stillness generating internal Qi movement. In Taoism, when something is absolutely still,  the stillness will generate a kind of movement. 

  • How does Xia's Meditation help improving health?

    Chinese Traditional regimen thinks all the diseases are caused by the problem in Qi’s circulation. “The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor” says “when the Qi and blood are not regulated, illness occurs.”. Based on this theory, Xia’s Meditation is designed to recover Qi’s free-flowing by creating the best conditions for Qi to run. Once Qi’s free-flowing is archived, the released power of Qi will repair the focuses (lesions).  So, Qi’s healing is the most fundamental, deepest and most efficient way to improve health.  

  • How to Start?

    Please see “How to learn” for details. 

  • Is Practicing Xia's Meditation Safe?

    As long as you follow our essentials properly, don’t add stuff from other meditation methods, don’t remove any of our essentials, it is very safe. 

  • Can I Get A Refund After Purchasing On Your Website?

    Please see our Terms And Conditions