About Xia’s Meditation

Xia’s Meditation was born as a result of Mr. Xia’s long term fight with serious neck pain for more than 10 years (2005-2018). Mr. Xia’s was almost disabled by the neck pain and around 10 doctors he had seen could not fix his problem. He could be paralyzed anytime during this period of time. To save himself, he studied Chinese traditional Taoism regimen books and records to create a meditation method. Xia’s Meditation is quick, safe and efficient regimen method (Details). After he fixed his own neck pain by this method, he uses it now to serve people for regimen purpose.

Xia’s Meditation is based on Chinese Traditional Taoism regimen theory. Following the principle of ” the inter-inhibition and the inter-promotion of five elements“, this method was born after a refinery process. It reaches the core of regimen through an easy way of achieving “Intercourse between heart and kidney and harmonization of fire and water” state.

The characters of Xia’s Meditation are as follows:

1. Use the scientific perspective of Chinese Traditional Taoism to treat meditation, explain the theory and practice of meditation. Don’t mystify it. Reveal the scientific essence of meditation.

2. Only cultivate Qi and not to manipulate Qi to make it a very safe practice.

3. Let Qi lead the regimen process to archive the dialectical regimen,

4. Stress “Wuwei” attitude. Practicing should be of its own accord.  You should not haste or set certain pre-defined goals.

Xia’s Meditation help reduce stress in life, relax physically and mentally, lose weight and improve countenance.

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Xia’s meditation is only a regimen practice and is not a medical institute. We don’t promise anyone the healing of any diseases.  If you have diseases, please see doctors or visit medical institutes which are permitted by the government for medical help and follow your doctor’s advice.

Xia’s meditation supports any medical technology and method which is permitted by the government and doesn’t conflict with any medical technology and method which is permitted by the government.