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At the beginning of this year, I got serious neck pain. I have had numbness on my hands and arms for a long time. I always felt dizziness when sitting at a computer. Once when I stood up, I could not keep my legs and almost fell over myself. Then I felt dizziness and had nausea.

I felt a lot better after lying in the bed for a little while. Ever since then, I reduced the time spent on working with the computer and took a little rest every hour. My neck pain did not get worse, but it did not get better either. Sometimes, when I walked the dog in the street, I saw double images of the people in the street. Occasionally, I walked totterily like a drunkard. I did take some medicine, but it did not help too much. I checked the internet and thought my symptom is “vertebral artery type of cervical spondylosis” with a little bit ” nerve root cervical spondylosis” ( my arms are numb).

For a long time, I had thought of meditation. Three months ago, I decided to start meditation at home for 1 hour every night. It surprised me that my neck pain was getting better after a period of time. I felt that I have been healed: no double images anymore, no dizziness anymore, no numbness on arms anymore. Now, I don’t have a problem sitting at the computer for two to three hours. I don’t know exactly what the mechanism is. From the time I started meditation until now, my neck pain never shew effect. Now, I would like to share some information about how to meditate as follows and hope it can help some people.

I start meditation around 7 PM every night, after supper. I sit on the bed. The key points are:

1、The spine and the surface of the bed must form an angle of ninety degrees. The spine should not be bent forward, bent backward, or bent in any way.

2、The neck pain must be in alignment with the spine (reprinter note: the author should mean lumbar spine). The head should be upright and the eyesight should see right ahead.

3、Two arms naturally hang down on the knees. The arms should be straight and not bent.

it is very tiring if you are new to meditation. You can take a little rest in the middle. It is not a problem to meditate for an hour if you practice for a long time……

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